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BEA Automatic Door Operator Sensors

Automatic Door Sensors - How They Work

An automatic door sensor is a sensing device that detects pedestrians approaching the automatic door and pedestrians standing in harms way of the doors. The most popular automatic door sensors utilize both microwave motion detection for detecting moving pedestrians approaching the doors as well as infrared safety presence for pedestrians who are in the path of the doors. Automatic door sensors work by first detecting pedestrians, then sending the signal to the automatic door controller, letting it know to open the door. Similarly, when the sensor does not detect anyone, it let's the automatic door controller know that is safe to close the doors.

Types of Automatic Door Sensors

Automatic Sliding Door Sensors

Automatic Sliding Door Sensors are by far the most popular door sensors. They have an adjustable pattern that the installer can program to ensure the safety of the pedestrians. The BEA IXIO-DT1 is the most advance automatic sliding door sensor on the market today. It features both motion detection and safety presence. What makes this sensor unique is the ability to flash lights on the floor to show the installer the detection field of the presence sensor. This visual helps installers properly adjust the door sensor precisely.

Automatic Swing Door Sensors

Automatic swing door sensors come in a variety of models. For full automatic swing doors, the BEA laser swing door sensor system provides the best detection coverage. For low energy handicap swing door operators, the superscan and quadscan sensors provide great safety detection for reactivation when pedestrians are passing through the door way.

Automatic Door Safety Beams

Safety beam sensors are often used on fixed sidelite automatic sliding doors for emergency breakout detection. They are comprised of an emitter photo cell and a receiver photo cell. The emitter and receiver are mounted on the exterior of the automatic door. With the emitter on one side and the receiver on the other side, they shine a beam across the door way. When an emergency occurs and the door panels swing out, they break signal. This indicates to the automatic door controller to stop operation of the automatic door.

Automatic Revolving Door Sensors

The BEA quadscan and superscan sensors are an ideal safety sensor for automatic revolving doors. The sensing mechanism is fully adjustable, allowing the installer to adjust the detection zone depending on the size of the revolving door leaf. The BEA Eagle, a microwave motion sensor, is the perfect activation sensor to mount on the face of an automatic revolving door to detect approaching pedestrians.

Industrial Door Sensors

Many industrial warehouses utilize forklifts and require sensors to activate overhead garage doors. The BEA IS40 sensor is an ideal industrial sensor due to it's tall mounting height.

If you need help ordering, or just don't know which BEA sensor to choose. Please contact us and we would be happy to help guide you to the appropriate product.

What To Consider When Ordering BEA Sensors

Rain Hood or Weather Cover For Sensor

The biggest factor customers forget when ordering BEA automatic door sensors is the available sensor rain covers. These sensors are designed to be in dry environments, if your sensor is mounted to an exterior automatic sliding door and is exposed to the weather, a rain cover is a must. Failure to install the sensor with a rain cover can result in pre-mature failure due to rain damage and corrosion on the circuit board.

Is My Sensor Obsolete

Automatic door sensors are always improving and getting better. As a result new models come out every few years, obsoleting the older models. If you do not see your BEA sensor on our product listing, please contact us. In most cases, we can guide you to the latest product which can directly replace your older sensor.

Sensor Wiring

BEA offers a library of automatic door wiring diagrams. Each sensor includes a full instruction manual as well as wiring diagrams. Of course if you need any technical assistance, BEA has a team that can help answer any question you may have.

Need Help Ordering BEA Sensors?

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