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Door Hinge Plate and Door Hinge Blanks

Wholesale Door Hinge Plates and Hinge Blanks For Commercial Doors

ADA Door Operators specializes in everything door hardware. One of the most common repairs on any door is replacing the door hinges. However, sometimes the the original hole template for the hinge is not suitable for your new hinge installation. This is where door hinge reinforcement plates from ADA Door Operators come into play. Once installed, the door hinge reinforcement plate offers a fresh new hinge hole template for your hinge, that is sturdy and stronger then ever.

Some of our most popular door hinge reinforcement plates include Don Jo Hinge Reinforcement Plates, Global Door Controls Hinge Reinforcement Plates, and much more. So please browse our large in stock selection of door hinge reinforcement plates and have the parts you need to repair your commercial door. At ADA Door Operators we also stock one of the largest inventories of door hinges, if you are also looking to replace the existing door hinges.

Popular Door Hinge Reinforcement Plates Include:

So order all the door hinge reinforcement plates you need at ADA Door Operators and we will quickly ship them out to you. ADA Door Operators is your best choice for all door hinges, door hinge accessories, or architectural building hardware.